Monday, January 3, 2011

Camera phone shot over lunch, 3/365

It was back to work today after a week off.  I intended to take a DSLR with me, but decided it was too big and bulky to drag along.  I don't currently have a compact digital, so I was stuck with a rather lousy camera phone.  I went for a walk over lunch around downtown Des Moines and caught this shot of a walking bridge going over the river.  I'm hoping not to have to stoop to the camera phone level much, but I didn't have anything else to work with today.

I should have had a little more time to take pictures on my walk.  But, I glanced at my Blackberry to see how I was doing on time and saw that I had a meeting in 8 minutes!  So, I ran back to the office and when I got to my desk, realized that the time was wrong on the BB!  Rats!  Anyway, I also got to thinking today, I'm going to have to expand my usual subject matter to fill a year up too.  That should be a good challenge though.

Please share your thoughts or questions with me.

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