Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CCD night 5/365

This was one of those days that never gave me a break to take pictures all day long.  I didn't have time over lunch and as soon as I got home, we ate supper and headed to Boone to take the kids to CCD.  I was hoping that there would be choir practice or something in the church so I could photograph the stained glass windows from the outside, but it was all dark.  However, the leafless trees were casting some interesting shadows on the front of Sacred Heart.  I'm a huge fan of churches/cathederals, and can guarantee that this won't be the last one you'll see in my project this year.

And finally, a fun shot I did while driving home tonight on Highway 17.

Please share your comments/critiques/suggestions with me, as the feedback helps me grow as a photographer.

1 comment:

  1. The church is a little creepy; it looks haunted. Somehow that makes this a juxtaposition of content. Still undecided if I like it or not.
    Keep your eyes on the road!!