Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Corporate Des Moines, 12/365

So far, I have managed to make time to shoot, process, and post a picture every day.  It really hasn't been that difficult, but it certainly does take some time that I used to have free before.  I have started to think that maybe I shouldn't post multiple pictures every day, and should just limit it to one.  Even if I had other shots for the day, that subject matter could then be shot again and used on a different day.  There are countless things to take pictures of out there, but it will require me to go outside of my comfort zone and shoot things that I wouldn't usually shoot.  It's not day 12, but day 312 that has me concerned.  However, at this point, I am not only optimistic, but excited for the challenge.

The past few days, I have walked around over lunch to find some images waiting to be captured.  I didn't feel like going out today, so instead, I made this image before work.  The winter months in Iowa don't provide us with too much daylight.  So, some night time, long exposures will certainly be needed from time to time.  Actually, I enjoy photographing the night sky better during the summer, but don't like having to stay up so late.  I can have convenient night-time shooting hours (winter) or more comfortable weather (summer), but I can't have both.  At any rate, this night shot was taken in downtown Des Moines this morning.  Without mentioning any companies, I'll just call it, "Corporate Des Moines."

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