Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

2010 was a slow year for my photography.  Life gets busy and next thing you know, the months have rolled by.  So, I'm going to force myself to get out and take more pictures this year.  A photo a day project is something I've always thought about, but never tried to take on.  So, this year, I will try to take pictures, and post at least one, every day.  I've never tried anything even close to this, so hopefully it will be a feasible project.

There will no doubt be days where I won't have much time and may be desperate for something.  If I post a picture of my alarm clock before going to bed, you can bet that it was one of those days.  Regardless, I will try to at least be creative with whatever I come up with for the day.

I actually thought to do the project on January 2nd, which leads to another thing.  I will try to post a photo from every day.  But, I may not post the picture on a day by day basis.  This will be important down the road, because I will try to sneak some film work into the project, not just digital.  If I have to develop some black and white film, I may have some delay before posting.  I intend to use this project as an excuse to exercise the shutters on some of the old film cameras in my collection as well.

So, to start off the project, on new years day in the afternoon, Rachael and I played a game of chess.  The chess board was partially mirrored and I noticed that I could see her eye in the reflection.  So, I grabbed my camera and focused on her eye for this shot.  One down, 364 to go.

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