Saturday, January 22, 2011

Karl L. King Honor Band, 22/365

I knew that I didn't need to get out shooting today, because Rachael had Honor Band in Ft. Dodge today.  Rachael made 4th chair out of 18 flutes.  I am very proud of her, and all the kids who put on an impressive performance tonight.  Without a doubt, our favorite piece that the 7th graders performed was "Highlights from Aladdin", a medley of several songs from the Disney movie.

Just like last year, they didn't have near enough seating for the size of audience that they bring in for this event.  Luckily, we planned ahead and got there mid-afternoon.  So, I got a good parking spot, put our coats on good seats, and listened to the practicing while we waited for show time.  We celebrated Rachael's honor with Fazoli's after the concert.

Here is a pic of Rachael getting a little practice in before the show.

Another piece was called, "Stand Up and Swing."  Throughout this song, different sections stood up to play their part.  Her friend Raquel is also seen in this one (back row, center of the pic) doing percussion.

Rachael also ran into a couple people that she went to 4-H camp with last summer.  So, it sounds like she had a good time.

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