Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Noelle, Claire, 18/365

I never tire of pictures of the kids playing instruments.  Well, sure, they're my kids.  But, anyone making music on an instrument has another dimension of art, even if you can't hear it in a still picture.  So, here is Noelle practicing her violin.

I also dug one of my old cameras out of the closet tonight, just to check it out.  Here is Claire, shooting with a Canon A-1 and 28 2.8.  This particular camera is way overdue for a little exercise.  Time to run some film through it, to keep the shutter happy.  The worst thing for a manual camera is non-use.  Unfortunately, people have a bad habit of putting old cameras in the attic or basement for years before they decide to part with it.  This one was a yard sale find.  Luckily, it was in very nice shape and operating order.  

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