Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reflection, 11/365

Today, I walked through downtown Des Moines looking for anything interesting to shoot.  When you spend a lot of time in a place, it's easy to get so used to the scenery that you don't notice the details anymore.  Hence, the importance of being observant and "seeing" your surroundings.

In order to get a different perspective on the usual, I went to the top of a couple parking ramps to see what I could see.  I framed a reflection of the giant umbrella from the Travelers sign in this mirrored window for one of my shots.

Here is an image taken down on a fire escape from above.  Normally, this would disappear into the dark background.  But, with a fresh layer of snow on it, the fire escape contrasted the brick wall nicely.

Here, I just liked the steam coming out of an exhaust vent in front of the building, with the bright windows.

And finally, an alley behind the Marriott.

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