Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stained glass, 26/365

I believe I have mentioned that I'm a big fan of churches.  The stained glass windows are probably the thing that most fascinates me about them.  The are both an amazing work of art, as well as a religious statement being made to the world.  Regardless what religion you may practice, no one could pass by without admiring windows like this one at Bethesda Lutheran Church in Jewell.  At least no one who knows how to stop and smell the roses, and admire the world around them.

From a photography standpoint, one of the biggest mistakes people make is by trying to show too much.  I did also take a wider shot that showed more of the church, as well as the cross.  But, when getting in closer to look at the main center of attention in the scene, that's when the image with the greatest impact revealed itself to me.  The image was there all along, waiting for me to discover it.

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