Tuesday, January 25, 2011

White flower, 25/365

It's been another busy day with the class I'm taking for work.  Then, I had a good run with Kim and Rachael when I got home.  We did four miles outside.  Running outside works so much better for me than the treadmill.  I even tried starting a movie to distract me on the treadmill the other day.  Let's just say, Frodo had not even left the Shire yet, when I couldn't stand to run on that thing anymore.  Now, I have to stay up at least half the night working on a data migration.  But, I have a little downtime while my scripts run to take care of the blog entry for today.

I couldn't let a bouquet of flowers go to waste without working with them a little more.  So, I took one of the flowers in a dark room and back-lit it.  Yes, I purposely overexposed, I wanted the bright petals in the back to be blown out and focus on the center detail.

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