Sunday, February 20, 2011

Claire by candle light, 51/365

Another weekend has vanished before my eyes, being busy does that to you.  I took Rachael and Noelle to the 4-H ice skating party this afternoon.  I was going to let Kim take them, but I think that her legs needed a break after she and Rachael ran 12 miles yesterday.  I only did 7, so I got to go skating.  :-)  Unfortunately, I didn't come up with any great pictures from the event, but I did skate with a camera around my neck the whole time.

So, I decided to try taking a picture of a candle flame tonight.  Well, as chance would have it, sometimes opportunity finds you where you don't expect it.  I had a candle set up on the dining room table, taking a few shots with the lights out.  Claire came in, very curious about the candle, and asked me to take her picture by the candle.  So, suddenly, instead of the candle being the subject, now I would use it for the light source for my new and improved subject, my Claire Bear.  I told her to look at the candle, and had her move in pretty close, because one candle doesn't put out that much light.  You can actually see the reflection of the candle as the catch light in her eyes.  I like the final results, and not just because it's Claire, although that certainly doesn't hurt.  :-)

By the way, from a technical standpoint, this shot is straight out of the camera.  I shot it with my 100 macro, wide open at f/2.8.  All I did in Photoshop was reduce the size for web posting.  I did not touch the levels, sharpening, or anything else.  I had the camera in black and white mode, so this is exactly as it was shot in the camera.  Do you like it?

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