Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fruit Centerpiece, 47/365

The wooden platter and fruit are from my great aunt Josie Berger's estate auction.  I presume that my great uncles made these, I know they did a lot of woodworking that still amazes me today.  

Another day has passed, where I am tired and not motivated to take pictures.  But, sticking with the Project 365 commitment, I thought, why not shoot the wooden fruit centerpiece.  My good, image stabilized, fast lens is away to Canon for repair, so I'm not well equipped for low light stuff right now.  So, I shot this on a tripod. I used a 4 second exposure, since it was on the tripod anyway.  Set everything up, shot one frame, and this is it.  Last picture of the day, now I need some sleep.

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