Saturday, February 12, 2011

Put your chipped foot in, 43/365

I took a family shot of our right feet, all with timing chips, ready for the race today.  Official times are not out yet, but Claire, Matt, Noelle, and Kim finished the 3 mile in just over 44 minutes, and Rachael and I finished the 5 in about 50 minutes 30 seconds.  It was a very pleasant day for the Red Flannel Run.  As a matter of fact, once I started running, it was rather warm to be wearing flannel.  I'll have to remember that if we run this one again next year.

We were mostly decked out in red flannel, but a lot of people did wear costumes.  There was one runner dressed as Cupid, complete with wings and bow and arrow.  Rachael and I saw him again around mile 4.  I yelled, "There's Cupid!"  He turned around and said he was going to use his wings to fly through the rest of the race.  The winning costumes though, were two guys, one dressed as a hunter carrying a toy gun, and the other was a moose.  I don't know how he could run in a giant moose head, but he did it.  We saw them around mile 2.  At that time, the hunter was actually ahead of the moose.

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