Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grocery Shopping, 71/365

Another busy Saturday gone by.  Noelle went to a swimming birthday party, I taught a photography class, Rachael sang and played in  Mass tonight, and went to Ames for an oil change and shopping.  I took my camera into the grocery store with me, hoping that I could get a picture of Claire with a giant Clydesdale horse statue they had there (which was actually part of a beer display).  But, it was a life size horse, and Claire loves horses!  Unfortunately, it was gone.  

Since I had the camera over my shoulder anyway, I grabbed a few shots of the kids in the car shopping cart.  Kim said she didn't think I was getting her in the picture, so she doesn't like this shot.  And, frankly, I had other pictures with the kids smiling and looking cute.  But, this is the one that I was most drawn to, from a photography standpoint.  It's just a natural shot, nothing posed or planned, just a shot the way it was.  I also like the strong lines from the shelves and light fixtures.  Of course, the fact that Matt is obviously into some real, serious driving doesn't hurt the picture either.

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