Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vlad the juggler, 90/365

This is Vlad, a juggler born in the Ukraine.  He did a sneak peek performance at the Science Center of Iowa today at noon.  Of course, the full Cirque Du Soleil Dralion show is this weekend at the Wells Fargo Arena.  Vlad was an impressive juggler and acrobat.  He combined juggling with somersaults, spins, and other tumbling type moves.  He then did a question and answer session and told a little about himself.  He was was born into a circus life, where his parents worked.  His father was a juggler and taught him how to juggle at the age of 6.  By age 9, he was doing his own performances.  Now, I'm happy to say that I can juggle three tennis balls.  But, it's pretty clear that this guy has been focusing on nothing but juggling for his entire life, and it shows.

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