Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stanhope Park, 107/365

After Palm Sunday Mass today, Kim and Rachael headed out for a run and the rest of us had a very light lunch.  Then we went over to Stanhope and played at the park for a bit, while we waited for the runners to make it that far.  I took over Gatorade refills, which they didn't really need that badly anyway.  But, here are couple shots at the park.

First, here is a shot of Matt, with his reflection on the bottom of the metal slide.  (It's one of those old slides designed to get up to about 350 degrees in the hot summer sun, and burn children's legs as they go down.)

Here are Noelle and Claire peeking through one of the tunnels in the playground.

This is what Rachael looked like half way through her 20 mile run, when I met them for refills.  (She's not acting or looking like she ran 20 miles today.)

Here is a downward view of a spiraling, climbing thing (we're not sure what to call it) at the playground.

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