Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arizona, 125/365

I got out for a little more shooting before breakfast and my flight home this morning.  I'm not going to write much, but share a few images from my day.  In photography, we have something known as the "golden hour".  That is the first hour of sunlight at dawn and the last hour of sunlight at dusk.  That is when we find the beautiful lighting for our pictures that we are always searching for.  First off, here are some palm trees, with the sun rising behind them over the mountains.

A cactus.

Someone I met on the path brought me over and showed me this flowering cactus.  He said he's lived down there for 21 years and never seen this variety of cactus blooming before.

A wider shot of the cactus garden.

Silhouette, that middle cactus has seen better days.

Notice the bird standing on top of this one.

Here is a horse design in the floor of the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.  I saw it while I was waiting for my connecting flight, and had to take a picture for Claire.

A river as seen from the plane on the way home.  Sorry about the quality, I was shooting through a window from high altitude, so haze in the air, glass, reflection, etc. are issues.  But, I still like the shapes created by the river.  So, I'm going to show you anyway.

And finally, some nice, contrasty clouds.

A funny thing happened on this trip.  I was checking in for my ground transportation and there was an old woman named Ingrid with the checklist.  I gave her my name to check off.  She found it on her list and said that she's German, and it should be pronounced differently.  It's one of those names that, I'm sure we've somewhat Americanized it over the last couple generations.  She had a very strong German accent, so that's probably a big part of the difference.  But, it is rather ironic that someone corrected me on the pronunciation of my own name.  :-)  I may have to start using this...

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