Sunday, May 29, 2011

Children's Museum, 149/365

We were in need of a little get-away today, and ended up taking the kids to the Children's Museum in Coralville.  We'd never been there before, and let's just say, we were very impressed.  The kids had a hay day and could have spent hours there.  I suspect that we will have to make return visits to this place.  It's certainly a nice change from the SCI and had great variety.  And to top it all off, by chance, they had free admission today.  What more could we ask for?  Well, other than free gas to drive over there.  :-)  Here is a picture of Claire in flight goggles.  Then Matt was ringing up groceries for a little girl in the grocery store play area.  And, finally, this one was before we left home this morning, but Claire had a Barbie dress on a stuffed snake.

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