Sunday, May 22, 2011

Earlham, 142/365

We were in Earlham for Zach's graduation today.  We took the kids over to the park to burn off some energy and I saw this great truck behind a building on the way back to the community building.

Here is a shot of my dad, eating one of the many Crunch bars on all the tables at the reception.

This old fire house is right across the street from the community building.

And finally, Claire sitting on a big tractor tire at the playground.

I shot with only my garage sale Hexanon 50 1.7 lens today.  I know I had the lens wide open on the first shot, I'm not positive on the second one.  On the fire house shot, I had no choice but to stop down, because it was bright and sunny, too much light for such a wide aperture.  I like to use this lens wide open.  I'm going to have to get a neutral density filter to darken things up and let me use it with those big apertures outside in the bright sun.  Anyway, this version of the lens was introduced with the Autoreflex TC body in 1976.  Not bad for a 35 year old lens...

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