Thursday, May 19, 2011

Insulator, drink like a fish, 139/365

I am starting to get tired of what I see downtown to photograph.  I needed a change, so I switched to black and white today.  I love black and white, because it forces me to get back to the basics.  Look for shapes and lines, contrast, tonal range.  It certainly gives me a new perspective on things when I get in a rut anyway.  So, first off, I liked this insulator with the wires used as leading lines drawing you through the image.  And, the shape of the insulator reminds me of a bell pepper.  Then, I walked by this empty, fish-shaped bottle on an old boarded-up windowsill.  I assume this is probably where they were at the time they emptied the bottle. But, why abandon such a cool bottle?!?

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