Wednesday, June 8, 2011

4-H activities, 159/365

Well, I have not photographed anything "artistic" today, but we did have multiple 4-H activities going on.  First, I took Noelle to camp this afternoon.  This picture is Noelle and Abby, her camp counselor.  I did not get to see it, but she is in the Red cabin.  Then, I ran up to Stanhope, because the Clear Lake Sailors 4-H club hosted Wednesday Night in the Park tonight.  Rachael was co-chair on the committee, so she had to pick up supplies before hand and work the whole time.  The second shot includes some of the club members there to help.  Noelle was actually triple booked tonight.  She was supposed to be at a make-up softball game, helping with the food in Stanhope, and at camp.  I'm pretty sure she went to the most fun event though.  :-)

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