Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue foot, window washer, 167/365

I hadn't intended to walk around taking pictures today, but didn't feel like sitting at my desk to eat lunch either.  So, I took my lunch down to the sculpture park and ate on a bench there.  Interestingly, while I was there, I saw a tour group walk through with a leader describing the art pieces over a loudspeaker for the group.  But, the interesting thing is that they were a group of blind people.  The leader was telling them what the sculptures looked like.  I'm not sure if they could see light/dark or nothing.  But, this tour was an interesting sight none the less.

After observing that tour and eating my lunch, I decide maybe I would walk west a little further before I go back to the office.  Of course, I had a camera with me, just in case.  I saw several of the large blue footprints painted on the sidewalk.  I'm not sure why they were there, but it must have been for some type of organized walking event or something.  Then, this window washer was cleaning glass on the Meredith building.  Very nice building, that corporation must be doing ok these days.

Watching that group of blind people tour something that is very visual gets you to thinking.  We take for granted EVERYTHING that we see.  They would probably be grateful for the opportunity just to see the sidewalk ahead of them while walking down the street.  It makes you appreciate what you have, when you can watch a bee land on a flower, or a humming bird drink at the feeder, or the wind blowing the tall grass along a fence line.  It's all miraculous!

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