Friday, June 10, 2011

Jewell Jubilee, 161/365

We've had a big day.  Noelle came home from camp and Jewell Jubilee started.  Matt and Claire made food animals for the Berry Good Bakeoff competition at the library.  Claire took first place with her panda, and Matt got 3rd place with his elephant.  Then we all ran the 5k Fun Run.  Rachael and I ran ahead faster while Kim stayed back with the other kids at their own pace.  The big surprise was Matt, who ran ahead of the other kids and followed the rest of the runners on the route.  Just over halfway through the course we ran one time around the track at the school.  As Rachael and I were leaving the track, Matt was entering.  He finished the race in 35:12.  Just to put this into perspective, Rachael and I finished in 27:52, so he had a great pace going for a 5 year old.  I was quite shocked, I see cross country in his future.  We talked to at least a couple people afterwards who ran with Matt durning parts of this race.  

(Family photo by J)

Finally, here is a creepy spider I saw in the house today.  Matt and Claire say it is a tarantula.  Really, it was smaller than the end of a pencil eraser, including the legs, so it was tiny.  Sadly, the spider didn't survive after I was done photographing him.

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