Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photo Camp Day 3, 173/365

I have been a leader at 4-H Photo Camp down by Luther the past three days.  So, I'll just write about it here on day three.  The camp went very well, we had 33 kids attending.  On Monday, I presented two things, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Astrophotography.  They were divided into groups and rotated to different presentations.  So, I did the HDR presentation four times.  I only went through Astrophotography twice.  Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to go over that one with 1/2 of the kids.

On Tuesday, we took them to Reiman Gardens and ISU campus to take pictures.  Amazingly, the rain held off until we got on the bus to head back to camp.  We could not have timed it any better.  The rest of the camp was critiquing and leading the kids with various creative photography activities.  I kind of wish I could have seen the other workshops/presentations that were going on while I was presenting.  But, it was nice to teach a couple things.  The weather did not cooperate for taking them out at night to do any astrophotography.  We had big storms on Monday night, and it was very cloudy Tuesday night, not a star to be seen in the sky.  I hope some of them will go out on a clear night and try some of the things we talked about on their own.  We had a great group of kids, which made for an enjoyable camp.  That being said, I need to try to catch up on my sleep now.  :-)

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