Sunday, June 5, 2011

Picture Day, 156/365

We went over to Deb's and Jason's acreage for family pictures with Grandpa Huegerich.  They had a pro come in to take the big family picture with grandpa and most of the kids/grandkids.  I did grab grandpa to take my own picture with our kids though.  Interestingly, we saw dozens and dozens of classic tractors coming down the road.  Apparently, Bomgaars organizes these events where they go and drive around together.  So, we stood along the road and got our own parade.  One of the people even had bubble gum that they threw to the kids as he drove by.  Next, I've got a couple pictures that I did NOT take myself, but I have to throw them in just for fun.  We got grandpa's 4 wheeler out for rides.  Let's just say that several of the kids now want one of these themselves.  Kim took these couple pictures and I must say, I am impressed that she got some sharp shots, as I had an old manual focus lens on the camera at the time.  I've taught her well.  :-)  This afternoon, we had a short-lived storm blow over.  I couldn't resist the nice diffused lighting afterwards and had to grab a shot of some of my wildflowers in the backyard.  I'm sure I'll be showing you more of the wildflowers throughout the summer.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel...

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