Monday, June 6, 2011

Setting sun, 157/365

I pulled over to shoot the setting sun behind a wind turbine on the way home from Noelle's softball game in Zearing tonight.  The game was a tie, and as much as I prefer earlier game times, at least the temperature started to cool down to a bearable level as the evening progressed.  I had several different pictures I could have used today, but the other images could all be redone on another day, where this one may not look the same if I tried to recreate it.  Well, that, and I wouldn't bother driving all the way over to Zearing again, just for this shot.  :-)


  1. You already did a windmill shot. I prefer the other one better, but the sunset is nice in this one.

  2. True, I have used the wind turbines before. The difference is that in the last one, the turbine was the picture. That image concentrated exclusively on the lines, shapes, and motion of the windmill. In this one, I'm just using it as a design element in a landscape shot with the sun and color in the sky. I saw the sun dropping below the horizon when we left the game. Sure, I would have rather found a church or something else to design this scene. But, I only had a couple minutes of sun to work with, and the wind turbines are what I had at hand.