Monday, July 4, 2011

July 3rd, 183/365

July 3rd was a busy day for us.  We camped in the tent and then headed to church.  I ordered a pizza while we picked up a few things at the store afterwards.  We should have ordered two pizzas!  Then, I took the family to walk across the High Tressel Trail Bridge down by Madrid.  We'd never been there before, it was a really nice trail that we would like to run/bike on sometime.  After returning home (with some groceries) I took Claire across the street to the park and got her started riding bike without training wheels.  We still need to work on starting and stopping on her own, but for the most part, she took right to it.  Then we cooked supper over the campfire, made smores, and did sparklers; before retiring to the tent for another night.

Here's Claire on video, one of her first rides...

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