Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh, Canada, 204/365

We hit a couple big things on vacation today.  This morning, we drove into Canada and went to the CN Tower in Toronto.  There was a bit of a wait, as it was after lunch by the time we got there.  But, we went to the observation level and then up to the skypod, 144 stories high.  The tower was impressive, and may be an engineering wonder of the world.  But, I think they should have put some of that money and effort into their highway planning and design.  On the way to Toronto, they had 3 lanes of interstate traffic detour down to 1 lane of two way paved roads through the country.  It was literally backed up for hours, absolutely ridiculous.  Then, leaving the CN tower, it is like hunting for a needle in a hay stack, trying to get back on the QEW going west.  Once we got away from the city, we drove down to Niagra Falls and got a hotel on the Canada side.  There is a great view of the falls from over here, and we were in time for the fireworks, shot over the Horseshoe Falls.  Hopefully, I can get more sleep that last night.  In the morning, we'll have breakfast and then drive across Rainbow Bridge, back in to the U.S.

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