Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, 190/365

Before going for a short, hot run this morning, I let Daisy out in the backyard.  There were two cats sitting at the top of the slide.  Since we don't have any cats and Noelle loves them, I got her up to see them.  Amazingly, Daisy never even noticed them up there when I let her out.  

Rachael's telescope project is getting closer to being done.  We did test it out on the moon last night, and it passed the test with flying colors.  We got a very sharp and clear image which exceeded my expectations for the scope.  Rachael and I went all the way up to about 220 times magnification while viewing the moon, which was pushing it for this aperture.  Regardless, it's going to be a keeper for sure.  Pay no attention to the messy basement, it's a functional "working" basement.  And yes, that is a Lawrence Welk record album cover leaning against the dryer.  We used a couple records to make a smooth, rotating base.  As kind of a joke, the second record is Milli Vanilli, just because those types of music are about as close to opposites as you can get.  :-)

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