Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cathedral, 235/365

There are some days that I find something to photograph that really speaks to me.  For example, yesterday's picture of the mannequin.  The subject matter really isn't all that exciting.  Yet the composition worked.  I knew before I even pushed the shutter button, that was going to be my picture.  Today, on the other hand, I walked around and nothing jumped out at me.  If I can't come up with a dramatic composition, then I'll at least shoot a dramatic subject.  

Many of you know that I love old churches and cathedrals.  I never pass up the opportunity to see some of the magnificent religious architecture when I travel.  Some of my favorites are in Spain, which I will have the opportunity to visit again next summer, and Mexico.  While our culture in the U.S. is relatively young in comparison, we do have some pretty nice churches here as well.  Here is the view when entering St. Ambrose Cathedral in Des Moines.  I understand that the "Church" is really the religious community.  But, the grand architecture of an old church reminds me of the power and majesty of God.  I just don't get that same feeling in newer church buildings.

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