Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Orange flower, 220/365

We camped out for Noelle's birthday party last night.  Everything went fine, no storms this year.  Sunday night, we learned the hard way that I needed to put a new coat of tent sealant on the rain fly.  I got the last can at the store yesterday, so we would have been prepared if it had rained anyway.

We had actually picked up these flowers for Mrs. Peterson's grave a couple days ago, but didn't take them out to the cemetery until this afternoon.  Oddly, while we were walking out there, some pollen came off on my hand and Noelle's shirt, and appears to make an effective natural dye.  I sure hope it washes out, because Noelle had her good white "Team Huegerich" shirt on.  Regardless, they were beautiful flowers.

Claire lost her second tooth tonight (with a little help from mommy).

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