Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rachael's birthday, 227/365

We celebrated our last summer birthday today, Rachael is a teenager now!  We did not have enough biscuits to make monkey bread, so we started the day out with Casey's doughnuts for breakfast.  Kim had inservice already today, so we went out for supper, to Hickory Park, of course.  It was good to get some BBQ again.  I was a little surprised when Rachael ordered a type of mint ice cream dessert.  But, she said she wanted to try something new, which is good.  I think that a sure sign of getting old is when people get stuck in their ways, and are not open minded to new and unusual things in life.  One way to stay young, or at least make time not feel like it is going so fast, is to constantly try to come up with new experiences.  We should get plenty of that over the upcoming few years.  Next thing you know, I'll have to teach Rachael to drive!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Rachael!

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