Sunday, August 21, 2011

Staying home, 232/365

We have been so busy running around lately that we decided to just stay home today (well, other than going to church this morning.)  When we got home, we grilled hamburgers and had a picnic out under the carport.  The kids and I went over to the park and launched a couple model rockets.  We have a number of older rockets that have gotten broken, so we're down to two flight-worthy rockets at the moment.  I believe they were both rockets that Noelle had gotten for Christmas or her birthday last year.  One of them had never even been launched before.  There was practically no breeze, so it was a good day for it.  I also took them for a bike ride and to the park to play for a while, until we got hot.  Rachael cleaned out the shoe closet and started sorting out shoes that no longer fit anyone in the house.  She actually got another row started around the outside after I took the picture.

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