Friday, September 16, 2011

First Polaroid shot, 240/365

Well, my first Polaroid picture, with my 40+ year old camera, was not a complete failure.  Not quite anyway, I did learn a couple things from the experience.  The tab tore off inside the film pack, which almost cost me this picture, and next print.  I ended up having to open the back of the camera to feed the leader through the rollers.  So, yes, there was some light leak.  But, hey, it gives it that natural, old Polaroid look to it.  I will either bend or remove the springs in the back of the camera to prevent this problem from happening on the next pack of film.  I can deal with this by making the film pack fit in the camera better.  The exposure was also off a bit.  I expected some discrepancy there, and I'm sure the heavy overcast day didn't help.  But, I wanted to shoot it without any compensation anyway, just to give me a baseline for the first exposure.  I'll obviously have to fine-tune.  But, hey, it's just a first attempt.

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