Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Polaroid, 321/365

I realized yesterday that my numbering has been wrong since August.  So, its corrected now, and I'm approaching that big "365" number rapidly.
I've had a very busy week with training and vendor meetings in the evenings.  There hasn't been much time to go out and find good subject matter.  Therefore, I'll show you the latest addition to my collection.  This is the Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100.  It was the first Polaroid pack film camera.  But, more significantly, it happened to be the first mass-produced camera with an electronic shutter.  The previous owner had put a piece of tape on the battery in the camera, which read a date in 1976.  Of course, it's dead.  But, amazingly there is no corrosion in the battery compartment.  I still need to do a standard battery conversion on this one to make it usable, but it'll be a good one.

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